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Plan Sharing

Plans, regardless of whether they are published or not, have the ability to be shared within TaskControl instance.

Sharing functionality allows to have control over who can access the plan within the organization using TaskControl instance.
Different departments and functions can use TaskControl without mixing their Plans in the views.
It also allows publishing sensitive information in TaskControl plans without risking unauthorized viewers to access it.

Default Settings

By default a Plan is not marked Public. Share for All is not checked:

By default if Plan is not marked Public, its availability of access is limited to:

  • Manager of the plan (creator)
  • Executers and Teams assigned to Tasks in the specific Plan (when published).

Therefore after publication, the plan automatically becomes available to all Executors who are assigned by name or in the Team to the tasks in the plan.

Public Plan

On the other hand, it is possible to run the plan as Public, with it becoming visible to all TaskControl users registered in the instance right after publication:

Anyone can see the plan and the details.
Also anyone in Executor role can assign a task to him/herself.

Detailed Sharing

To define in more detail who can access the plan but default users, go to Context menu and choose Sharing:

For a public plan, you can see that a Plan is shared for everyone.

The same view allows adding or removing Users or Teams with access to the plan according to their roles:

Buttons +New allow to add a whole Team or a specific User.
The grid below shows if the access is granted:

  • Because the Manager is Plan owner
  • Because the Executor or Team has been assigned to Task as Executor
  • Manually added Teams or Users.
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