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User Assignment to Tasks

There are two ways how a task can be assigned to a user – either by Manager or by him/herself.

Assigment by Manager

Manager can assign a task by defining specific person in the box Executed By.

It is possible for Manager to assign a task to more persons, in that case it is necessary to use comma between names.

It is also possible for Manager to assign a task to a specific group.

Self Assignment

A task can also be assigned by yourself by clickling on the person icon on the right.

After filling the name out, user is asked to confirm assignment to the task.

The dialog below shows a successful assignment to a task.


Unassignment of a task can be done by clicking on the cross next to a user name.

After clicking on the cross, user is asked to confirm removal from the task.

Two scenarions can occur while unassignment of a task – if the user is a part of a group, the task will be then assigned to a group (in the picture below). If the user is not a part of a group, space will remain empty with an icon and when clicking on it, a task can be assign to another user.

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